The Green RickShaw

If you haven’t seen the city of Lahore, as Punjabi folklore goes, you aren’t born yet. Quite a bold statement,eh, wouldn’t you say :-). The wisdom of Punjabi sages aside, if you visit Lahore and haven’t taken a ride on a Rickshaw, then surely, you’ve missed lots of fun. On a short visit to Lahore today, I was able to spot one of these beauties. Islamabad, as you know, has no rickshaws, as the Baboos in Islamabad probably find it insulting that a vehicle as beautiful as a Rickshaw would adorn the roads of the Capital. The Green Rickshaw caught my eye today as it was in non-standard color (Rickshaws are all painted Blue. The backs of rickshaws usually have pictures or poetry on them!)

For my non-Lahorite friends, might I elaborate that a Rickshaw is this three-wheel thingy that you see in the Picture above. No sir, it is not Rick Shaw and is in no way related to George Bernard Shaw. By the way, odd at it may seem, I know gentlemen who delight at calling George Bernard ‘Shah Ji’. Idiots.

Rickshaw, Ruckshaw, RackSha are all used to pronounce the word though I like the first way of pronunciation. The standard way to stop a RICKshaw is to wave your hand. In extreme cases, like all hooligans do, you may want to yell Oye Ruckshayaaaaaa although Miss Manners will be quite upset if you do so. But then you know that Miss Manners and Bhaati and Lohari don’t mix well 🙂

Riding a Rickshaw is an unforgettable experience. I remember the first time i sat in a rickshaw, it was like sitting in a giant massaging machine. I just closed my eyes and thought of being with a masseuse. Dil kay khush rakhnay ko Ghalib yay khyal acha hay…:-)

While i haven’t taken a Rickshaw ride in years, the good thing about the Green rickshaw is that it’s non-petrol (less emissions) and I swear that I had to slide the car window open to hear it!…. So thumbs up for the Government for making the Rickshaw green!