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March 2008

Posted on March 21, 2008

RAD Asia Pacific Conference, Macau, China

Last month, I had the oppurtunity to attend and present a case study at RAD’s Asia Pacific Conference in Macau China.

Macau is one of the largest gambling places in Asia. Its a beautiful city with a population of about 500,000. It was a portugese colony before Chinese got control of it. The immigration forms and the road signs have Portugese in addition to English and chinese.

To us Pakistanis, every single place outside Pakistan seems neater, tidier, more disciplined and very much ‘out of Pakistan’ :-).

Posted on March 9, 2008

E90 Essentials

The E90 is a marvelous piece of hardware. In the last five months of use, i’ve only had to reboot it twice and that too after installing software that was not compatible.

Here is some software that I’ve found out to be very useful.

SMS Spam Manager
SMS Spam Manager is made by Webgate. Unfortunately, unsolicited and junk SMS messages are on the rise. Every junk SMS message wastes around 10-15 seconds. And depending on what the SMS is all about, it could waste more by losing ‘focus’ 🙂

With the SMS Spam Manager, you can define your very own idiots list 🙂 which the software calls blacklist. Your phone will silently send all SMS messages from any blacklisted number to the junk folder. Your Phone will not alert you (beep) if the SMS is from a number in the blacklist. Fortunately, my circle comprises of sane people and hence the idiots list is pretty small 🙂

As you can see above, I’ve chosen the ‘Block Black List Rules’. If you choose the ‘Accept Phone Book’ setting, then only contacts in your Phonebook can send you an SMS.

A log is maintained for the blocked SMS messages. You can view them if you like or let them stay in oblivion.

Posted on March 5, 2008

PTA Orders all ISPs to implement URL filtering within Three Months

In a meeting at PTA today, which I attended as well, it was decided that all Service Providers would implement URL filtering solution individually. PTCL representative told the Member PTA that PTCL would bring the URL filtering service in production within a three month time period. TWA1 already has this ability.

The smaller Internet Service Providers would also have to implement the URL filtering solution since PTA doesn’t want any finger-pointing at itself in case a URL is blocked.

Also, PTA has decided that in the future it will not issue orders for blocking an IP address. It will only order to block a specific URL.