Mobilink Infinity: A good business Case?
A hundred Million dollars and three months later, the Mobilink Infinity Customer base in Karachi, stands at a dismal thousand customers. Does Wimax really make a business case?

I’m not aware of the RF planning details of Mobilink Infinity project but the upcoming WiTribe Wimax from Burraq Telecom (now Qatar Telecom) RF Planning is based on 90% indoor Wimax CPEs and only 10% outdoor Wimax CPEs. Failure of Wateen Telecom’s Wimax had poor RF planning as one of the major factors responsible for the failure. Wateen designed the network on the assumption that a very high number of customers would be using Outdoor Wimax CPEs. Also, Wateen used the existing infrastructure of Warid Telecom, a GSM provider and Wateen Telecom’s sister concern.

While I cannot predict the future, from the ground view, it does not look like Wimax will make it to Long Term Evolution (LT).

Users on DSL or FTTU are not going to switch to wimax just for fun. In such a situation, one really needs to re-assess Wimax as a viable business case.