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October 2008

مغلظّاتِ ُاردو

کہا جاتا ہے کہ داغ دہلوی ایک بار محبوبہ سے ملاقات کے لئے طے شدہ مقام پر پہچے تو موصوفہ نے
دیوار کی اوٹ سے دال ماش جنابِ داغ کی سمت پھینکے۔ اُستاد نے، کہ رمز شناس و موقع شناس تھے، فوراً
موقع سے چلتا کیےِ۔

آپ کےایک شاگرد نے کہ معاملات عشق و محبت سے نا آشنا تھا پوچھا کہ حضور یہ دال کا کیا قصّہ
ہے۔ جنابِ داغ کہ دلِ داغدار رکھتے تھے یوں گویا ہوئے کہ ارے احمق! ماش کو اُلٹا کرو تو کیا بنتا ہے۔

شام۔ درحقیقت یہ اس بات کا اشارا تھا کہ میاں وقت ملاقات کےلئے موزوں نھیں۔ شام کو آنا۔

تو صاحبو! اس تھوڑا لکھے کو بہت جانئے اور سر دُھنئے جنابِ داغ پر

FTTH in Japanese Market

(Left): Mr Masato Taguchi, Manager, New Project Development Team and (Right)Mr Wataru Kambe, General Manager FTTH Products and Promotion Office, Sumitomo Corporation

Japan has seen a phenomenal growth in the FTTU market in recent years. Mr Kambe, General Manager of Sumitomo Japan paid us a visit with Mr Tomohiro Osawa and Mr Masato Taguchi. Sumitomo is a significant player in the world Optics market and makes Fiber Optic Cable, Connecters, Splicers, Optic Splitters and other Optical components. The Fusion splicer world market is led by Fujikura with around 40% market share and Sumitomo at a close 30%.

Nayatel PON network in islamabad is designed with a radius of 20km whereas in Tokyo the radius of a PON would be close to 5km due to the density of customers. The Nayatel PON is used by banks and other commercial entities whereas in Japan most of the carriers, banks and enterprises prefer to have dedicated Point-to-Point links.

On the rise of the broadband in Japan, Mr Kambe told us that Japanese housewives were fond of having blogs and uploading Videos and Photographs. On this, I thanked God that Pakistani housewives had not developed this habit which would give them one extra excuse to boot their hubbies. However, this might just be the reason to have a Japanese wife lol. This is why the sages have said that is a dangerous species. So, these japanese housewives are among a growing crowd demanding more and more bandwidth.

The other chunk of this crowd is youngsters who want to stay indoors and don’t want to move around too much. Couch Potatoes. They also want to be able to work remotely. And ADSL just doesn’t cut it. So PON is THE way to go. While Nayatel PON is BPON (and soon to be GPON), GEPON rules in Japan.

Another interesting comparison is that of Electric power. There is no concept of a power outage in Japan so the FTTU installations are not supplied with a UPS as in Pakistan. All Nayatel installations in Islamabad are supplied with a custom UPS which powers the Optical Network Terminal (ONT), the box in which the fiber terminates. The UPS typically provides eight hours of backup for Triple play services. In Japan, power backup (generators) is usually found in government buildings or hospitals.

Among the interesting Sumitomo products were Field Assembled Connecters. This nifty little thing allows the fiber technicians to connectorize fiber on-the-spot without the need for a splicing machine!! This is way cool! Another item of interest was the bend-insensitive fiber. You could literally take this fiber optic cable and wrap it around a pencil and it would still show zero optical loss !. Way to go Sumitomo!!