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November 2008

Robin Williams: Hilarious Stand-up Comedy!

Being an old Robin Williams fan, I had to share this piece of stand-up comedy. Robin is without doubt the best stand-up comedian around! And a great actor he is too!!

The Moon: India vs Pakistan

As a South Asian, I am delighted that Indians have finally touched the Moon. Chandrayaan-I, the Indian Lunar craft finally kissed the moon by sending its probe onto the Lunar surface. You can read more about it here. Hmmm… well, I guess us pakistanis can start kissing mother Earth … for all we are worth!… as the lovely Moon seems out of our reach anyway.

The moon is this shiny object that we see in the sky. Its like a bright yellow plate which according to old Punjabi folklore has an old lady with her spinning wheel making some sort of thread. Thank God that Chandrayaan-I didnt hurt her. Moonlight is also said to warm up the cockles of one’s heart. Muslims have a particular attachment with the Moon as the Muslim calendar is based on the Moon as opposed to the Christian Gregorian Calendar, which is sort of, well, fixed. This allows some Muslims to celebrate two birthdays – one following the Muslim Calender and one with the Gregorian Calendar!. Well, who cares, as long as you are getting gifts on both birthdays! 🙂

In 1969, when I was in heavens and when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, the Maulvis (clergymen) of some areas of Punjab gave the fatwa that no infidel can set foot on the moon! They went so far as to say that anyone believing that a non-muslim had set foot on their beloved Moon would actually have their marriage anulled. Lol. Fiendish clergymen must have an eye on a neighbors wife. That is the only logic that I can find for such a fatwa.

The Moon or Chaand (as is it referred to in Urdu) is a subject of profound interest in the Indo Pak culture. But that is a subject that a single post would not do justice. So more on that in some other post.

In the end, I’ld like to reproduce a photo from the daily The News so as a Nation we know where we stand viz a viz the Indians. Are we ever going to kiss the moon?

Pakistanis: Still looking for the Moon……

Mobilink’s CEO Replaced? : Mr Rashid Khan from Banglalink rumuored as CEO

While it is unofficial, there is a strong rumuor that Mr Zohair Khaliq has been removed as the CEO of Mobilink GSM, Pakistan’s largest cellular company, owned by Orascom Telecom and will be sent to Orascom Telecom, Egypt.

Mr Rashid Khan (ex VP Commercial Mobilink and CEO Banglalink) will be taking over as the new CEO of Mobilink.

Nokia to slash workforce in Pakistan / Afghanistan

Nokia-Siemens Pakistan will be slashing its workforce by 60% in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Nokia-Siemens major customers Telenor and Mobilink have almost entirely frozen work on new sites because of the economic condition.

Among the Pakistani GSM operators, Mobilink is probably the provider with the highest non-productive expenses and is said to be mulling a cutdown of its workforce.

Wimax: The Broadband Titanic: It’s Never Going to Arrive!

A month or two ago, I raised some questions regarding Orascom’s Mobilink Wimax venture under the Mobilink Infinity brandname. Well, it has just come to my knowledge that Orascom Telecom (the parent company of Mobilink) has refused to release any more funds for the Mobilink Infinity expansion in the north and central regions of Pakistan.

Rumuor has it that the Broadband Unit (BBU) within Mobilink looking after Wimax might be scrapped. The part of the BBU looking after the long haul network (DWDM, Next-Generation SDH etc) will survive.