Adventures in Halvaland

It is not everyday that one wakes up to read the newspaper to find that the entire fleet of our above-the-stars molvis have been hospitalised because of something as sweet as the ‘halva’ 🙂

I laughed. I giggled. I whistled. Tears rolled down my cheeks because of the mere thought of the right wingers getting sick because of sweet halva. Now I know its not good to make fun of someone who has been hospitalized but the sheer joy of knowing that everyone from Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman sahib to Liaqat Baloch sahib had ended up being hospitalized because of eating halva put a big wide grin on my face which just wouldn’t go away since it was from the heart. The wide grin proved to be temporary as I quickly sifted through the list of the ulema to find out that our beloved maulana Fazal ur Rehman was not on the list. Dang!. How could this happen? Oh God…. why was he left out. A slight depression momentarily took over. I took a deep breath and worked on the Khwaja Saad Depression Removal therapy. After five deep breaths, I had recovered and the happiness returned.

Many sinister thoughts crossed my wicked mind. I thought if this was because of the clergymens misdeeds. I thought of the infamous sandwitches between which many a maulanas had been caught. I then thought maybe this was a divinely bestowed moment on all us Pakistanis to tell us that the insatiable craving that molvis have for the halva was indeed very much real rather surreal!

A little more research revealed that the halva presented to our star cast was black. Mian Aslam, whom I note always arrives in protests and processions in time and who always has a smile on his face was one lucky fellow as he merely tasted the halva and thus escaped the fate of his fellow clergymen.

All in all, it was the news that made my day!

Long Live the halva!